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Direct Mail Marketing in Atlanta

Since 2006, we have been the industry standard for full service, turn-key direct mail marketing and digital marketing. Our targeted direct mail has been the cornerstone product driving revenue and quality for clients in many industries nationwide, including health clubs, chiropractic, automotive repair, senior living, martial arts, car wash, and hair salons.

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Direct Mail Marketing Process

Creating a successful direct mail campaign has many steps, but our process makes it easy. It may look complicated, but RELAX... we do all of the heavy lifting!

At the start of the process, one of our industry experts will consult with you to go over your past marketing efforts to identify what is and is not working for you, as well as the status of your local competition. From that point, we will then perform a thorough demographic analysis of your local community to identify the best neighborhoods to target. On bulk postcard mailings, This detailed targeting can be dialed in as tight as individual mailing routes to ensure that you are hitting the hottest areas.

Identifying and understanding you local targeted audience is crucial. Our experts will work with you to custom design a direct mail marketing promotion that connects with your target audience and motivates them to respond. Design, wording, and offer are all crucial elements and should be in-line with your brand and the needs of your locally targeted audience. DON’T FORGET YOUR CTA! Remember, to include a strong call to action to get people motivated!

Our team will get your direct mail promo in mailboxes faster than our competition! Once we have identified your audience and created your custom designed mailer, we will BLOW YOUR MIND with our industry leading fast turnaround time. We do everything in-house, from printing to mailing, so nobody can beat our production and delivery times.

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Why is Direct Mail Still Such an Effective Way to Generate Quality Leads?

It's Easy!

The success of any direct mail marketing campaign depends on how it resonates with the target audience. Studies show that direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than digital ads.

It's Memorable!

Research shows that baby boomers and millennials who interact with physical, printed ads have a stronger emotional response to them, resulting in the promotions having a long lasting effect.

It Performs!

Direct mail has a better response rate than email marketing and digital display ads. On average the direct mail response rate is .5 to 1%, compared to email and digital display response rates of .02 to .1%.


With years of experience in your specific business category, the Turn Heads team provides a tremendous advantage when it comes to developing successful local marketing campaigns. Whether you are a single location, multi-location, or a franchise network, we will devise a marketing strategy that works best for you in your industry.

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We serve additional industries, including Plumbing, Real Estate, Senior Living, Legal, Dental, Health Care, and Small Business.

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Direct Mail Marketing Data Analytics

Ensure the success of your direct mail promotions with Response Tracking & Route Performance Reporting.

We formulate where you mail and Target High Performing Routes!

We prevent route over-saturation by Optimizing Your Route Rotation!

We track and review every aspect of your Direct Mail Response and ROI.

At Turn Heads Marketing, we have best-in-class route performance reporting. We identify where your current customers or members live, track where you have previously mailed, and target future mailings based on route performance. We review your direct mail campaign performance for all of your locations in one easy report. We track call response, web response, track member joins, and perform a cost and ROI analysis. Our Atlanta direct mail marketing team are industry experts that will get you results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Direct Mail, or Direct Mail Marketing is the process of sending a physical piece of printed promotional material through the mail via the USPS directly to a home or business.


Types of direct mail marketing include postcards, flyers, catalogs, brochures, invitations, newsletters, and coupon mailers.


When mailing, advertisers can use a saturation list to target carrier routes within an entire neighborhood, or they can opt for a more targeted resident list and use demographic filters such as income, household makeup, etc..

Direct mail is still a very effective way to reach your target audience,  grab their attention, and connect with them on a 1-to-1 personal level. Believe it or not, direct mail marketing on average STILL has a higher ROI than digital marketing.

Consider these data from a study conducted by the “Decision Neuroscience Research Group” tested how the human brain processes Direct Mail Marketing and Digital Marketing differently.

Direct mail is EASIER TO UNDERSTAND and more MEMORABLE than digital media.

  • Direct Mail Advertisements require 21% less cognitive effort to process
  • Direct Mail Advertisements have a higher level of brand recall

Direct mail is far MORE PERSUASIVE than digital media.

  • The interaction of both reading and holding the advertisement stimulates the Orbitofrontal cortex and ventral striatum, which is the is the brain where feelings of motivation are generated
  • Direct Mail can as much as a 20% higher motivation response 

Direct mail is visually processed QUICKER than digital media.

  • Digital requires more brain power than direct mail
  • Direct Mail Advertisements require less brain power to process than Digital Ads
  • Consumers always prefer the path of least resistance, and direct mail offers exactly that

Direct mail boasts better response rates, greater visibility, and highly innovative creative opportunities compared to digital marketing, and is more persuasive than digital media.

A neuromarketing study performed by The U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General (OIG) with Temple University’s Center for Neural Decision Making focused on the effects of Direct Mail Marketing on the consumer purchase process.

The results of the study showed many advantages to direct mail.

  • When viewing direct mail ads, consumers have a stronger emotional response and remember them better.
  • Direct Mail ads leave a longer lasting impact for easy recall when making a purchase decision.
  • Most importantly, direct mail ads trigger activity in the area of the brain (ventral striatum) that is responsible for value and desirability for featured products, which can signal a greater intent to purchase.

In most markets, a small to mid-size business should benefit from send out a direct mail marketing promotion every 4-6 weeks. If you mail more often than that, you risk oversaturating your local market which will negatively affect your ROI.

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) service from the USPS allows you to target local neighborhoods with postcard mailings at a discounted postal rate. The process allows you to blanket mail entire carrier routes in your local market.

You choose postal routes within specific zip codes, based on household size and income. Any household within these targeted routes will receive your EDDM postcards. This process eliminates any need for a consumer list for mailing, which can save you money on postage.

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