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With so many families in your local neighborhood needing a tutoring or supplementary education solution - MAKE SURE THEY FIND YOU!

We Identify Families with Potential New Students and Convince them to CHOOSE YOUR LEARNING CENTER!


Get New Students and KEEP THEM with our industry leading print and learning center digital marketing strategies for learning centers. With the current state of our public education system, as well as the increase in virtual classes, many parents are worried about their children falling behind. Don’t miss this opportunity to offer your valuable service directly to the neighborhoods you serve. Turn Heads Marketing has been helping businesses just like yours get new students for over 10 years.

We can help you build a thriving student base through our learning center direct mail, email marketing, and local search campaigns. Our promotions and methods are PROVEN to work. We have the most competitive prices in the market and you can’t beat the quality of our owner friendly, hassle-free products and services. Students are signing up for tutoring every day. Let’s make sure your learning center gets in front of parents first.

Our Full Menu of Local Marketing Solutions to help your Learning Center GROW YOUR STUDENT BASE & Increase Revenues!

What is the most effective way get new learning center students and fill your classes? 

Develop a Omi-Channel Marketing Strategy to Identify and target potential new students and families that live within a close distance of your school using a balanced mix of Direct Mail, Digital Advertising, Local Search Marketing, & Email Marketing.

What is an Omni-Channel Learning Center Marketing Strategy?

ALL CHANNELS are Available to the Consumer and they are Connected.

Omni-channel marketing focuses on delivering a consistent experience for consumers across all channels and devices.

A well-orchestrated omni-channel marketing strategy can dramatically increase your exposure and customer interactions, and lead to a higher conversion rate and a better ROI.

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Learning Center Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

Learning Center Marketing is unique.  With the changes in public education, as well as the increase in virtual learning, many parents are worried that their children may fall behind. The opportunity is there for leaning centers to offer tutoring and supplemental education. Competition is growing in this market, however, there are still some universal marketing tactics you can use to stand out, attract attention, and recruit new students.

  1. Have a strong social media presence. Stay up to date with your social media posts and  current events at your school and also be available to answer questions and an interact with people.  
  2. Have a strong Local Search and PPC Campaign. Making sure that you “get found” when local consumers are looking for you is one of most important things that you can do for your business. A strong PPC search ad and local SEO search program will ensure that your learning center is top of page 1 in google search engine results. Remember, these are leads from people that are looking for services, and they typically have a very high conversion rate, do don’t miss out.
  3. Seasonal Direct Mail Campaigns. Typically, families are actively looking for tutoring or learning center services during the back-to-school season, just after the new year, and just before summer. It is highly recommended that you use this to your advantage and saturate the high performing routes around your learning center with a direct mail piece that outlines the benefits of your programs.

Learning Center direct mail is still a very important part of mixed marketing, or omni-channel marketing strategy. Though the market mandates that you allocate a large portion of your marketing budget to digital marketing, direct mail marketing still shows higher read rates, as well as  higher conversion rates.

Studies also shows that direct mail is more memorable than digital marketing, and it connects with the prospect and communicates on  more of a 1-to-1 relationship. Much of a learning center’s success depends on creating relationships, and reaching out to your local community through a direct mail promotion is a great way to introduce them to your brand.

In all areas of marketing, digital display ads, ppc search ads, and social media have become vitally important. The flexible budgets and precise targeting are just a couple of elements that make learning center digital marketing a perfect fit for learning looking fill their classes.

If a digital ad campaign is managed correctly, landing centers can see a very health return on their investment. That being said, in almost very case study, we still see a higher ROI and higher response rate from direct mail. However, unlike out of date mailing strategies, we do not recommend that you constantly hit the same areas with your mailings, as you risk over-saturating the local market. Rather, a strategy of seasonal mailings and rout rotation based on prior matings and performance will ensure that your learning center direct mail investment consistently brings in a healthy return.

Our data, as well as most marketing studies, show that a balanced marketing mix which includes both digital and direct mail promotions will yield your business its best ROI.

Facebook advertising is a powerful way to get a lot of exposure to a local audience. Facebook also has very powerful audience profiling tools to ensue that your ads are seen by families in your area that are most likely to be interested in your services.  Facebook ads typically have a very high click rate, and are a great tool to drive traffic to your website, landing pages, or facebook pages.

Over the past couple of years, direct conversion rates on facebook ads have declined. However, when a conversion tracking model is used to track new leads and conversions, typically contact with a facebook ad can be tracked as one of the touch points that added to the conversion.


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