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With so many potential car wash customers in your local neighborhood - MAKE SURE THEY FIND YOU!

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The car wash market is very competitive, and whether you are a local owned establishment or a nation wide chain, your car wash needs an effective and affordable way to reach out to and get in from of customers in your neighborhood. Since 2006, Turn Heads Marketing has been an industry leader in developing print and car wash digital marketing strategies for the car wash industry. We are the experts at developing thriving customer bases through car wash direct mail, email marketing, and local search campaigns.

Through a combination of marketing strategies that promote the car wash’s location and services, your car wash business can attract new customers and build loyalty with existing customers. You can be confident that we know what works, because we’ve field-tested a wide variety of concepts over many years. At Turn Heads Marketing, we have developed cutting edge marketing solutions to help your car wash grow and thrive. With our industry proven direct mail campaigns, award winning creative, and our pinpoint strategies, you can count on us to help you succeed.

Our Full Menu of Local Car Wash Marketing Solutions will help you GROW YOUR CUSTOMER BASE!

What is the most effective way get new customers for your car wash?

Develop an Omi-Channel Marketing Strategy to Identify and target potential new customers that live within a close distance of your car wash using a balanced mix of Direct Mail, Digital Advertising, Local Search Marketing, & Email Marketing.

What is an Omni-Channel Car Wash Marketing Strategy?

ALL CHANNELS are Available to the Consumer and they are Connected.

Omni-channel marketing focuses on delivering a consistent experience for customers across all channels and devices.

A well-orchestrated omni-channel marketing strategy can dramatically increase your exposure and customer interactions, and lead to a higher conversion rate and a better ROI.

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Car Wash Marketing FAQ

The car wash market has become very competitive.  Consumers have a lot of options when it comes to getting their vehicles cleaned. It is important to stay top of mind and to stay one step ahead of the competition.

  1. Have an active social media presence. Be available to answer questions from people and do not be afraid to respond to criticism or bad reviews.
  2. Know the hot routes around your car wash, and mail to them. Car washes greatly depend on local traffic for business. Being able to identify traffic flow and the location of the hot routes around your business is crucial to your success. Once they are identified, hitting them regularly with a coupon/value driven car wash direct mail campaign is then next step. 
  3. Email your members and your VIPs. Regular communication with your members to promote new products or specials will continue to drive business and promote customer loyalty. 

All data shows that car wash direct mail is still a very effective way to market a car wash business.

Car washes greatly depend on car wash local traffic for business. Having a good understanding of traffic flow, and being able to identify where your customers live is a big piece of the marketing puzzle. Once you have identified these “hot routes” around your car wash, you can now take advantage of this and target them with a car wash direct mail campaign that has real value.

Promotions that work include new customer specials as well as special new membership rates. Odds are, most households around your car wash at least 2 or more drivers living within them, and that means a lot of potentially dirty cars. Now imagine each one of them having a coupon to your car wash that held real value. When was the last time you ignored a coupon for something you needed or wanted that had real value…? 

Car wash direct mail is still king when it comes to open rates and conversions. However, digital marketing has it’s own strengths, including budget and audience flexibility. Car wash digital marketing also has impressive audience targeting tools which makes it a very enticing choice.

If you are considering direct mail as an option, it is important that you do it with a company that can identify the hot converting routes around our car wash and target them, rather than just randomly mailing to the masses. At Turn Heads marketing, we can use your existing membership base to analyze and compare routes, then target them with a mailer that has value.

That strategy coupled with a strong digital ad program will give you the greatest opportunity for success and a greater ROI.

Facebook is a great way to get your car wash a lot of exposure in your local area. In most markets, companies have been seeing a drop in ROI with Facebook ads, but in most conversion tracking models, the exposure that facebook provides is almost always one of the consumer touch points that shows up within the tracking. 

So what does this mean? What it means is that along the way, your facebook ad being seen by the customer played a part in getting them to choose you.


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