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Direct Mail is still
one of the Most Effective Ways to ATTRACT NEW PATIENTS!


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Why Are Our Chiropractic Direct Mail Campaigns So Successful?


We have the Most Advanced Route Targeting System in the Chiropractic Industry.


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Clear ROI Reporting that frees you to Focus Your Time on Your Patient's Wellness

Response Tracking & Data Analytics

Why are our Response Tracking & Data Analytics so crucial to the Success of a Chiropractic Direct Mail Campaign?

Turn Heads Marketing is an industry leader in providing accurate Data Analytics and Response Tracking & Reporting. Our sophisticated, client-friendly reporting system allows our chiropractic clients to track response rates and compare them with prior mailings, as well as clearly identify the best mailing routes.

We focus on the wellness of your practice, so can focus on the wellness of your patients!

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Chiropractic Direct Mail Marketing

What Direct Mail Products are the Most Effective for bringing in New Patients to your Chiropractic Practice?

New Patient Mailers, Existing Patient Mailers, and Gift Card Mailers are few chiropractic direct mail products that are very effective for attracting new patients.

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Higher Response Rate and Better ROI

Why Should Your Chiropractic Practice Use Direct Mail?

All data shows that direct mail is still the most effective way to attract new patients.

Better Brand and Offer Recall

Consumers who received direct mail advertisements were able to recall 75% of the time, compared to 44% for digital ads. *

Higher Response Rate

Direct mail generates a MUCH HIGHER average response rate of .5 to 1%. Social Media, Email, and Internet Display ads only have an average response rate of .02 to .1%. **

Quicker Response Time

79% of consumers are likely to act on direct mail immediately, versus 45% with email.*****

Higher Read Rate

79% percent of households at least scan their direct mail daily and 55% report they read their entire direct-mail daily. Most people do not sort through their individual emails daily. Usually they select all and delete. ***

A More Personal Connection

Direct mail connects on a personal level, generating a 1 on 1 relationship without noisy distractions. Digital viewers are busy and inundated with competing notifications from email, social media, and display ads.****

Sources: *True Impact Marketing , **Direct Mail Marketing Association, ***, ****, *****

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Frequently Asked Questions

Direct mail is still one of the most effective ways to promote your chiropractic practice and bring in new patients. With a high read and response rate, direct mail often out performs digital marketing with a higher ROI. When used in conjunction with a digital marketing strategy, a chiropractor can see an increased response from all of their marketing. 

Yes. Studies show that 79% of consumers are likely to act on direct mail immediately, versus 45% with email or digital marketing. Direct marketing has shown to be more persuasive than digital marketing with a 20% higher motivation response rate.

Solo direct mail postcards consistently out perform all other forms of direct mail marketing. Solo direct mail restaurant postcards stand alone in the mailbox and can feature your brand, beautiful photos of your dishes, and give the consumer a good feel for what your restaurant is about. Solo direct mail postcards can also deliver your specials and coupons directly to the consumer. 

USPS EDDM is a program offered by the US Postal Service where businesses can receive discounted postage on saturation mailings. In this program, you mailers are able to target entire carrier routes within designated zip codes. You will not be able to skip any households within the carrier routes, that is one big point of difference between an EDDM mailing and a mailing using a targeted mailing list.

There are additional differences, such as bundling and labeling requirements, as well as point of entry requirement. Contact us today and we can walk you through the details and see if the program is a good fit for your promotion.


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