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Direct Mail is still
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Why Are Our Restaurant Direct Mail Promotions So Effective?


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Restaurant Direct Mail

Stay on top of the local competition! Bring in new customers and increase your brand awareness throughout your local market with solo direct mail postcards. Our professionally designed solo direct mail postcards deliver your promotions directly to your ideal target prospects. Unlike coupon mailers, they stand out in your mailbox and make an immediate impact. With over 15 years of direct mail marketing expertise, our in-house design, logistics, and list processing teams are the best in the business and will ensure that your promotions deliver results with high ROI.

What Direct Mail Products are the Most Effective for Driving New Customers to your Restaurant?

There are a number of direct mail products that are very effective for driving new customers to your location, as well as increasing customer loyalty.

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Staying on top of local competition is essential if you want to stay ahead of the game. Solo direct mail postcards are a great way to reach new customers and increase your brand awareness in your local market. Our solo direct mail postcards are professionally designed to make sure your promotions stand out from the rest. With eye-catching visuals and compelling messaging, you can be sure that potential customers will take notice of your message. And because the cards are sent directly to the homes of potential customers, your message will have a greater chance of being seen and remembered. So if you’re looking for a way to reach new customers and stay ahead of the competition, solo direct mail postcards are a great investment.

Response Tracking & Data Analytics

What makes our Direct Mail Response Tracking & Data Analytics so Different?

Turn Heads Marketing is one of the food service Industry’s leader sin providing accurate Data Analytics and Response Tracking & Reporting. We identify the best routes to mail and track response rates, and use this data to alternate routes for future mailings. Our sophisticated, hassle-free reporting system makes it easy for restaurant owners to understand how their mailing is performing.

Our route targeting systems ensure that your direct mail gets delivered to households within the best zip codes and carrier routes so that you get the most out of your restaurant marketing promotion.

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Higher Response Rate and Better ROI

Why Should Your Restaurant Use Direct Mail?

Consumer studies have shown that direct mail postcards are still the most effective way to attract new customers.

Better Brand and Offer Recall

Consumers who received direct mail advertisements were able to recall 75% of the time, compared to 44% for digital ads. *

Higher Response Rate

Direct mail generates a MUCH HIGHER average response rate of .5 to 1%. Social Media, Email, and Internet Display ads only have an average response rate of .02 to .1%. **

Quicker Response Time

79% of consumers are likely to act on direct mail immediately, versus 45% with email.*****

Higher Read Rate

79% percent of households at least scan their direct mail daily and 55% report they read their entire direct-mail daily. Most people do not sort through their individual emails daily. Usually they select all and delete. ***

A More Personal Connection

Direct mail connects on a personal level, generating a 1 on 1 relationship without noisy distractions. Digital viewers are busy and inundated with competing notifications from email, social media, and display ads.****


Sources: *True Impact Marketing , **Direct Mail Marketing Association, ***, ****, *****

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Restaurant Direct Mail FAQ

Direct mail marketing can be an effective tool for restaurant owners to use in order to increase their customer base. By sending postcards, flyers, and other promotional materials to local residents, restaurants can target potential customers in their area who might be interested in trying out their establishment. Additionally, direct mail campaigns can be used to build loyalty among existing customers by offering discounts and other incentives. Direct mail is also relatively inexpensive compared to other marketing tools, making it a cost-effective way to reach out to potential customers. With the right strategy, direct mail marketing can be a powerful tool for restaurant owners to use to increase their visibility and attract new customers.

Yes. A scientific study showed that 79% of consumers are likely to act on direct mail immediately, versus 45% with email or digital marketing. In addition, Direct mail has been shown to be far more persuasive than digital media, with a 20% higher motivation response rate than digital marketing.

Direct mail is particularly effective when targeting specific demographics and can be used to great effect when combined with digital marketing tactics such as email or social media campaigns. Consumers often appreciate the personal touch of direct mail, which can be used to create a more personal connection than digital marketing tactics alone. Additionally, direct mail can be tailored to meet the individual needs and interests of each consumer, which can be highly effective in driving conversions. Ultimately, direct mail is still a useful tool for reaching consumers, and it should not be overlooked in any marketing strategy.

Solo direct mail postcards have proven to be the most effective format for direct mail marketing. The solo nature of auto service postcards stands out in the mail and gets the attention of the consumer immediately. With solo direct mail, your promotion is delivered directly to your defined target audience making the response rate and ROI very high.

  • You can target only your IDEAL prospects by neighborhood and/or demographics
  • Your message is featured and can be read without having to open anything

USPS EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) is a service offered by the United States Postal Service that allows businesses to send mail to entire neighborhoods or zip codes without having to purchase or rent an address list. EDDM is an ideal solution for businesses that want to reach a wide audience without spending a lot of money on postage. The USPS offers an array of templates and sizes for EDDM mailers, which makes it easy for businesses to customize their mailers for maximum impact.

Targeted Direct Mail, on the other hand, is a more focused approach to mailing. Unlike EDDM, which sends mail to an entire area, Targeted Direct Mail is used to send mail to specific addresses that have been identified as potential customers. This approach is more expensive than EDDM, but it can also be more effective since it allows businesses to target their message to specific individuals and households.

Using direct mail as a marketing strategy for restaurants can be a great way to reach potential customers and build brand awareness. Direct mail offers restaurants the opportunity to create personalized messages that are tailored to a specific audience and can be used to drive sales, increase brand recognition, and boost customer loyalty. Direct mail campaigns for restaurants may include promotional materials, coupons, gift cards, menus, and other items that can help draw in customers. Additionally, direct mail campaigns can be highly targeted, ensuring that only the people who are most likely to visit the restaurant receive the mailers. Overall, using direct mail for restaurants can be an effective way to reach target audiences and increase sales.


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