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Why Does Your Restaurant Need a PPC Management Program?


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Restaurant Digital Marketing Services

Serve Up Conversions and Increase Website Traffic with Restaurant PPC Ad Management

Our PPC Ad Management services help you acquire new restaurant customers fast. PPC Advertising is a great way to expand your restaurant’s local reach and grow your customer base, but you can quickly waste money if you do not have a sound strategy. Knowing how to properly research and target audiences, as well as properly optimizing bids are key factors that go into maximizing your ROI. Our PPC experts have extensive experience creating ppc campaigns and ppc search ads that are targeted to the correct local audiences and that bring in quality leads, as well as 

Our PPC programs will put your promotions in front of the correct customers and track the results with advanced metrics and reporting. When used in conjunction with traditional media such as restaurant direct mail, PPC Advertising can take your promotion beyond the mailbox and follow new customers throughout their entire online experience from device to device.

Digital Marketing

So... What Is Restaurant PPC Advertising?

Simply put, PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising is a online program where advertisers pay each time a targeted customer clicks on one of their ads.

Types of PPC Ads Include:

Paid Search Ads

These ads are displayed online by a search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc..) whenever users search for a product or service online.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads follow web searchers throughout the internet, displaying your promotion throughout websites that are part of the Google display network.

Facebook Ads

These ads show in the Facebook News Feed of desktop and mobile users, as well as the optional inclusion of Instagram users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital marketing is a term used to refer to forms of advertising on the internet. These forms of internet-based advertising include Google search and display ads, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, website and landing page content, as well as video.

The main goal of any type of marketing is to bring in new leads. Restaurant digital marketing is exceptionally successful in doing this. With advanced audience targeting capabilities, you are able to target your ideal prospects in your local community and quickly deliver your promotions to them on any internet connected device, including mobile phones and tablets.

Digital marketing is very flexible. With digital marketing, a restaurant has the ability to change ad budgets and promotions in real-time.

Digital marketing also allows you to precisely track the effectiveness of your promotions. Through the use of pixels, you can track a customer’s journey throughout your website or landing pages and identify if they take any specific actions, such as filling out a contact form or ordering online.

In most cases, the goal of a restaurant’s digital marketing should be to drive prospects a website or landing page. The website or landing pages should reflect the messaging that was on the clicked ad and should provide the prospect with the opportunity to take the next step.


These “next steps” are commonly referred to as “conversions” and can include valuable actions such as placing an order, calling for more information, or printing a coupon.

For more information on effective digital marketing strategies for restaurants, check out our Restaurant Marketing Ultimate Guide.

There are a variety of digital marketing elements used by restaurants to bring in new customers. Which elements your restaurant uses depends on your tactics. These elements include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (Restaurant SEO)
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (Restaurant PPC)
  • Email Marketing
  • Restaurant Social Media Management

Some forms of digital marketing, such as SEO or PPC Search Ads, are “passive advertising”, meaning that it is advertising which shows only when prospects are looking for your services. Other forms, such as remarketing display ads and social media ads, identify possible prospects in your local community and serves them ads. Each form is very effective and work to complement each other.


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