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Promote Your Restaurant’s Virtual Brand with Traditional Advertising

With the onset of Covid-19 drastically changing the landscape of the restaurant business, to survive restaurants have had to beef up their curb-side pickup and delivery offerings. As a result, it became necessary to develop relationships with third party deliver platforms such as Uber Eats and DoorDash. These delivery apps can successfully open up your …

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The Power of Solo Direct Mail for Restaurants

The restaurant business has always been one of the most competitive and challenging industries. The competition is fierce, and most markets are very saturated. With the additional challenges in 2020 of Covid 19 related restrictions, it has become increasingly difficult for restaurants to find ways to increase and maintain their profits. Reaching any type of …

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Auto Repair Marketing Ultimate Guide

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Why Does Your Shop Need Auto Repair Marketing? The auto repair and auto service industry is saturated and very competitive. From 2015 – 2020, the industry largely experienced healthy growth. Additionally, per capita disposable income levels grew during much of the period, enabling more …

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direct mail is the closer

Direct Mail Marketing is the Closer

TRUST THE SCIENCE….. A recent Scientific study conducted by the “Decision Neuroscience Research Group” tested how the human brain processes Direct Mail Marketing and Digital Marketing differently. The evidence pointed to the fact that Direct Mail Advertising can be a far more effective tool to “motivate action response” than Digital Advertising. The Study Focused On Two …

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chiropractic marketing

PPC Marketing for Chiropractors

People have many choices when it comes to chiropractic care. The industry is growing, which means so is the competition. When choosing any type of healthcare provider, people want to feel as informed as possible. To obtain as much information about their local chiropractic options, most people will first start with an online search. Overwhelmingly, …

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Tips for Creating a Successful Landing Page

In previous articles, we have talked about the importance of having a PPC ad campaign and a strong local search program. Those articles discussed the importance of “getting found” by people in your local market that are searching for your services. Now let’s discuss the importance of the landing pages that users will be directed …

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