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How Will Your Health Club Benefit from a Digital Marketing and PPC Advertising


Drives Qualified Leads to Your Website and Landing Pages. Ads show only to people that are profiled to be good prospects.

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Gets your Health Club in front of web users, social media users, and searchers who are interested for your services.


The exposure your brand receives from Digital / PPC ads can also Increase the effectiveness of traditional media.

Health Club Digital Marketing

Drive Conversions and Increase Website Traffic with Health Club PPC Management and Digital Marketing.

Digital / PPC Advertising is a great way to expand your local reach and grow your business, but you can quickly waste money if you do not have a sound strategy. Knowing how to properly research and target audiences, as well as properly optimizing bids are key factors that go into maximizing your ROI. Our PPC experts have extensive experience creating and managing advertising campaigns that deliver quality leads.

PPC advertising gives you the opportunity to get your promotions in front of consumers and track the results with advanced metrics and reporting. When used in conjunction with traditional media such as direct mail, PPC Advertising can take your promotion beyond the mailbox and follow potential members throughout their entire online experience from device to device.

Digital Marketing

So... What Is PPC Advertising?

Simply put, PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising is a online program where advertisers pay each time a targeted customer clicks on one of their ads.

Types of PPC Ads Include:

Paid Search Ads

These ads are displayed online by a search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc..) whenever users search for a product or service online.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads follow web searchers throughout the internet, displaying your promotion throughout websites that are part of the Google display network.

Facebook/Social Ads

These ads show in the Facebook News Feed of desktop and mobile users, as well as the optional inclusion of Instagram users.

Want to Unlock the Full Potential of Digital Advertising?

Check out our Local Search Management Programs which Combine the Market Saturation Power of PPC Advertising with the Search Engine Benefits of Local SEO.

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Full List of Digital Marketing Offerings

Mobile Geofencing is a location-based service that enables us to draw a virtual boundary  around a geographical location and serve ads to mobile user located within that designated area. 

A virtual geo-fence is traced around an area where the advertiser wants to target customers visiting another physical location (i.e a competitor’s store, a venue, or a specific part of town, etc.)

Having an engaging ppc search ad that is relevant to what the web user is searching for is a crucial piece of the digital marketing puzzle.

Google search results are often the first interaction that a potential new member may have with your brand, so it is imperative that you have a defined strategy of where these clicks are directed, and how they will be handed when they turn into leads.

We have 2 powerful PPC Search packages to choose from, and we can also put together a custom quote if needed.

Remarketing ads are a powerful tool to drive clicks to your website and landing pages because they reach potential new members throughout their online journey after they have interacted with your health club.

People that visit your website are tagged with a code that marks them for “remarketing” and ads that promote your club follow them from device to device whenever they are online.

Remarketing ads are offered as part of our PPC Programs and our Local Search Packages.

You should already be very aware of the importance of having a social media presence. Social media offers a great opportunity to get in front of new and current customers and to interact with them.

Social media ads, such as ads on Facebook and Instagram, are also a great way to increase your brand exposure and drive people to your social media pages as well as your website.

One of the most important things you can do to make sure that your health club gets quality leads to make sure that you dominate the local search results on Google and Bing.

A powerful Local Search Program combines the benefits of PPC Search Ads and Local SEO to give your health club the opportunity to fill as many spots as possible on local web search results.

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Stay top of mind with existing members and win back former members with email marketing promotions. Send newsletters, design eye-catching promo campaigns, and keep members informed about the latest events and news.

Create a personal connection with your members by sending out “welcome new member emails” as well as “birthday” and “anniversary” emails. Email marketing campaigns are a great way to keep your members engaged.

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