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5 Effective Advertising Ideas for Small Businesses

If you are the typical growth minded small business owner, you are constantly managing the balance of maintaining your day-to-day operations, while also keeping an eye on your future sales pipeline. You need to find the most affordable and effective ways to get your brand in front of local residents without breaking the bank, or overly using up your available working hours.

We have put together a quick 5 step list of the essential small business marketing tools your need to market your small business.

1. Manage Your "Google My Business"

Your Google My Business profile is a free advertising tool that will help you get found locally on google searches. Your Google My Business Profile is how your business appears on Google Maps as well as in Google’s Knowledge Panel. Your Google My Business listing also allows you to collect and respond to Google Reviews.

2. Optimize Your Website for Local SEO

Optimize your website content to show up on the first page of local Google Searches. When I local residents searches for your services, your website should up at the top of the “organic” or “earned” search results, as well as your Google My Business listing. Optimizing your website for Small Business Local SEO will ensure that your business is consistently shows up for relevant website search queries. 

3. Targeted Direct Mail

Pinpoint the high performing mailing routes around your business and target the residents within those routes with a direct mail piece that promotes your brand, highlights your unique selling proposition, and has an exclusive offer that holds real value. A Small Business Direct Mail Promotion is also a great way to raise local brand awareness. 

4. Google Search and Display Ads

Small Business Google PPC search ads are an essential part of digital marketing and are a great way to drive traffic to your small business’s website. Traffic from these ad clicks is valuable, because the clicks come from people that are actively searching for your products or services. Google Display Ads delivered to a “remarketing” audience are also an effective way to essentially “follow” local residents that have visited your website to view a particular product or service. Find out more about how small business digital marketing can help you.

5. Social Media Ads

Social media ads, such as Facebook ads or Instagram Ads, are a powerful way to give your brand a tremendous amount of exposure in your local market. Though the customer conversion rate on Facebook ads are not as high as they use to be, they are still very effective at creating awareness, as well as driving traffic to your website and landing pages.



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